About Emma

Adventurous and free-spirited, Emma left her picturesque childhood seaside town in Devon, England to encounter new sights, be bold, be brave, and have fun. With extended periods in Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean, Emma's appreciation for handmade and expression through design became deep-rooted. With her imaginative spirit re-ignited, her focus turned to jewelry. Influenced by a deep love for the sea and coastal beauty, Emma's creative force is her interpretation of our natural oceanic world.

The Emma Louise brand is centered around thoughtfully designed forms with texture and color. Jewelry is deeply personal to the wearer, and the brand strives to inspire every woman to radiate confidence with her unique vision of style and what she chooses to wear.

Our pieces are consciously handmade. There is unique energy with handmade items and a real connection to people comes through hands-on creativity. Emma Louise is extremely proud to provide you with timeless designs of dependable quality. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or just to say hi; we love to hear from you!