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Emma Thomas, founder and designer of the Emma Louise Collection, creative venture began in Florida over 18 years ago. Inspired by the endless array of beads in countless size, color and texture, her passion for jewelry and design began.

Born and raised in a picturesque seaside town in England, Emma’s childhood was filled with . Her sense of adventure led her to live and visit places around the world and within the United States, before settling in Rhode Island. With her desire to create handmade which offer a sense of style, have good shape, look interesting and get emotion out of people,

Emma’s own style has developed over the years, incorporating her much loved techniques of stitch, weave and macrame. The Emma Louise Collection is rich in texture, visual intrigue, color, with a seamless blend of soft fibers and custom sterling silver components. Each piece is carefully handmade in our studio on Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island.